What sets us apart

Better Insight. Better Decisions. Better Performance.

Our Theory

Extensible Tools

While our tools are developed around specific use cases, they are created with open architectures to accommodate pivots and feature additions.

Analytics over Software

We build tools based on our analytic assesments, never implementing unnecessary or incompatible software as a standard remedy. Instead, we help our customers champion more advanced tech as their business requires.

Personalized Teams

We aim to build well rounded teams of data scientists, operations researchers, and subject matter experts for each of our clients -- prioritizing long-term and sustainable partnerships.

Secure & Efficient

We are familiar with designing and deploying software in highly sensitive and regulated enviroments. We have experience managing data in ecosystems where privacy, safety, and national security are top priority.

Humans in the Loop

Our tools are designed to inform decision makers. Our analytic products prioritize usability, business impact, and transparency. They produce actionable solutions that humans then decide whether or not to employ.

Intelligent Intelligence

In our practice, we maintain that artificial intelligence should always be explainable. At the end of the day, every decision must have a human connection. We create systems that keep you out of the dark; work with you and for you.

Our Thinking

We understand every client has a unique problem to solve.  That’s why we approach each of our projects on an individual basis. We’re prepared to plug in wherever your organization needs attention.

Tell us where you’re at

Our End-to-End Approach

If you’re unsure where to start or looking for an audit of an entire system, this may be the approach for you.

Explore & Experiment
Assess & Design
Build & Deploy
Evaluate & Iterate

Explore & Experiment

  • Identify key business functions and map supporting technical infrastructure

  • Understand the impacts of current-state deficiencies and outstanding requirements

  • Conduct data experimentation and test initial theories to build a set of feasible solution options

  • Validate initial findings with key subject matter experts and stakeholders


Assess & Design

  • Understand solution alternatives and design technical requirements

  • Design solution governance structures and supporting business processes

  • Design interfaces and solution architecture

  • Define known risks/blockers and explore mitigation strategies


Build & Deploy

  • Execute solution buildout as designed

  • Train users and create communication materials

  • Design mechanisms for process governance and analytic/business integration

  • Deploy tool(s) within customer environment(s)


Evaluate & Iterate

  • Obtain feedback from users

  • Evaluate effectiveness of solution

  • Optimize user experience

  • As required, iterate through any of the previous steps to address gaps

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