JDSAT is made up of driven operations research analysts, subject matter experts, and vetted business professionals. Both collectively and individually, they are proven leaders and innovators within their respective fields and the analytic industry.


Who We Are

We’re not a data solutions firm. We’re a boutique technology company that excels in developing solutions, identifying risks, and creating opportunities for our customers.

We’re an advanced analytics services company that is currently engaged with both federal and private sector clients.


What We Do

We are decision enablers. We translate advanced analytics into informed recommendations that transform and push organizations forward.

We are technologists from across the spectrum of math, science, and engineering. We are also subject matter experts from various disciplines pertaining to military, government, and the private sector. Together we build solutions for your present and future needs.

Technical Foundations
Core Competencies
  • Mathematics

  • Probability

  • Statistics

  • Software/Tool Engineering

  • Data Engineering

  • Data Science

  • Operations Research

  • Process Engineering

  • Technology Strategy &  Solution Design

  • Readiness & Crisis Response Analytics

  • Staffing & Risk Modeling

  • Custom Analytic Tool Development

  • Decision Support Analytics & Modeling

Industry Applications
Healthcare Operations
Supply Chain & Logistics
Peacetime & Emergent
Military Operations


JDSAT is led by a team of retired military professionals, data scientists, and operation research analysts who are all recognized for their excellence in the areas of workforce analysis, economics; finance and accounting; survey design and analysis; supply and logistics; medical planning, market research, and operational planning.

Scott Woosley
Andy Garrick
Ginger Acosta
Senior Principal
Business Management
Anthony Carminati
Senior Principal
Data Science
Luke Crider
Senior Principal
Business Development
Matt Murray
Senior Principal
Operations Research
Vance Vogel
Senior Principal
Operational Medicine

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Take hold of your operation. Better your insights. Better your decisions. Better your performance.

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