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data & decision.


JDSAT is an operations research and big data science company. We close the gap between data and decision with custom analytics that inform and advise our clients.


Here’s The Bottom Line

JDSAT is a solutions company before anything else, and we believe that data, mathematics, and software are the most effective path to finding a solution that’s tailored to your organization’s needs.

We don’t have a catch-all software. We direct the design, iteration, and development of custom tools that are based upon each project’s unique landscape.

We don’t staff your company. We foster a relationship between our consultants and your company’s objective.

We don’t believe there’s a homogenized solution that can address your organization’s complex problems. We believe there’s always a solution.

Our Approach

Meet The Crew

Creating opportunities for our clients is only possible because of the opportunities we create for the teams that serve them.

We’ve worked tirelessly to align the desires of the JDSAT crew with our company’s need to create a work environment that is equal parts efficient and rewarding.

Our leadership, business experts, and technologists come from diverse backgrounds, but all share a singular passion for solving complex problems through advanced analytical support.

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The Forum is where we maintain a record of research and development pertaining to technology and other subjects that align with our corporate pursuits and interests. The Forum is our dedicated space for JDSAT news, experiments, findings, and much more.

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