Description: The team explored agent-based modeling methods to predict Susceptible, Exposed, Infected, and Recovered COVID-19 model of different age population groups.​

The team performed the following activities:

Researched and compared the capabilities and limitations of various COTS Technologies & Services including AnyLogic and NetLogo.

Used AnyLogic to model 4 different simulations:

•       Single Simulation

•       Monte Carlo Model

•       Optimization Simulation

•       Custom Simulation

Validated computational limitations of agent-based models across many variables and interacting agents.

Results: The team successfully replicated the agent-based model on the COVID-19 hospitalization study and provided explanation of how agent-based modeling could be applied to future projects. This included successful simulation of the effectiveness of three different intervention strategies on different age populations and the creation of an optimization model to minimize infection. The team showcased different use cases highlighted the value of various agent-based models in tackling highly complex issues with a myriad of variables.