Description: The Team will significantly improve both crisis response and execution of ongoing operations by providing operational surgeons and planners an interactive tool to determine the optimal distribution of medical capabilities in a given operating area. 


Overview: In an effort to improve the survivability and sustainability in the modern battle space, the network of medical capabilities employed during military operations has grown significantly more complex.  In recent decades, these capabilities such as sophisticated communication and common operational picture technologies have advanced substantially, providing operational Commanders and medical personnel with a data rich environment to enable critical analysis and improved decision making. The Medical COA Development Optimization Tool will leverage these technological improvements to provide enhanced medical capabilities in operational environments.


Problem Statement: There are no operational level COA development technologies that assess multiple, real-time operational variables to provide improved operational medical COAs to commanders/surgeons/planners in response to crisis and ongoing operations. To increase the efficiency of the medical network, the proper allocation and placement of medical capabilities is necessary to reduce case fatality rates.



·      Develop an optimization formulation which includes the target objective, constraints, and associated metrics needed to output an optimized network of medical capabilities

·      Determine data requirements and sources

·      Design, develop, and test the tool

·      Determine the target environment for tool deployment/employment

·      Establish how the tool will nest/integrate within the current operational C2 structure


Results/Objective: The team will deliver a minimal viable product for iterative development and deployment by the close of FY24.