Description: Provide foundation framework to train and develop resources for the construction of a well-architected cloud environment. Additionally, the team sought to construct and deploy analytic tools in the cloud environment.

The team performed the following activities:

Established Amazon Web Services/Google Cloud Platform enterprise accounts using role-based access control permissions.

Containerized tools for deployment using Docker.

Constructed the cloud environment and conducted test and evaluation of the environment.

Deployed Kubernetes Cluster to support running containerized apps in an efficient, automated, distributed, and scalable manner. 

Leveraged AWS services such as Application Load Balancer, NAT Gateway, and AWS Cognito to provide increased availability and security of deployed applications.

Results: The team established a cloud environment and successfully deployed analytic tools. Additionally, the team created an AWS Sandbox account, that enables developers to build applications and proofs of concept without risk of incurring excess expense or unintentional exposure to production system. Finally, the team developed recommendations for potential enhancements across tools, application architecture, and platforms.