Process Modeling & Optimization

Set of mathematical programming techniques used to locate optimal conditions or seek specific goals. These powerful techniques include linear and non-linear programming, goal programming, network optimization (shortest path, least cost, and more) and can be used to model the operations of a complex system under constraints.


Common Applications

  • Resource Allocation – Where should we invest more/less?
  • Maximize/Minimize Profit/Cost – What product mix achieves best possible results?
  • Crisis Response Planning – What is the optimal set of evacuation routes?
  • Acquisition Program Support – What mix of features is least cost, max quality, or best value?
  • Personnel Throughput – What is the optimal flow of people through a training pipeline?
  • Media Mix – What is the optimal allocation of media to maximize reach, influence, etc.


Relevant Experience

  • Analysis of military force requirements
  • Military recruit market research
  • Brewery process optimization
  • Operational transportation & logistics planning