Modeling & Simulation

Simulation modeling provides flexible and powerful modeling capabilities and is very useful for problems that defy standard methods or problems where visualizing the process is important. JDSAT personnel have been recognized for development of a landmark agent-based simulation model now supporting service headquarters of the US Marine Corps and have published work simulating behavior of advanced warfighting concepts regarding distributive battlefield operations. JDSAT supports all common types of simulation modeling.


Common Applications

  • Workforce Analysis – Measure & analyze flow of people through a defined system
  • Supply Chain – Measure & analyze flow of goods through a defined system
  • Transportation & Logistics – Model & visualize complex transport networks
  • Manufacturing – Visualize & analyze complex business operations
  • Marketing Mix – Measure & analyze complex market behavior
  • Emergent Behavior – Define micro-level behaviors & observe emergent dynamics of a complex system
  • Combat Modeling – Simulate & analyze the interaction of forces, logistics, and other combat activities
  • Hospital Operations – Visualize & analyze patient flows, hospital logistics, waiting times, etc.


Relevant Experience

  • Enterprise military/medical manpower analysis
  • Operational transportation & logistics planning
  • Agent-Based Simulation (Logistics)
  • Agent-Based Simulation (Manpower)