Operational Medicine Capability Development

Industry Focus

DoD (US Navy)

Military Healthcare

Operational Medicine


The OMCD department was stood up in 2014 to ensure program wholeness for deployable medical capabilities, support the implementation of lessons learned from past operations and support rapid deployment of medical forces world wide. In order to fulfill its mission effectively, new evidence-based policies, processes and metrics needed to be developed, implemented and monitored.


JDSAT is providing subject matter expertise in manpower, readiness and analytic services. Data is harnessed from across the medical enterprise to paint a clear picture of historical and current events effecting healthcare delivery and ability to deploy medical platforms. Process inefficiencies and knowledge gaps are closed or mitigated with targeted metrics and feedback loops.

Business Values

Process Modeling

Business Intelligence

Resource Optimization

ROI Levers

Evidence based decisions (Harness current data sources)

Facilitate development of new policies and processes


OMCD has moved into full operating capability with continual development and enhancement of policies and processes. The Department is now fulfilling a critical role as the central hub for requirements determination, enterprise integration and systems development in support of medical operating forces.

JDSAT Competencies

Manpower Policy and Systems

Analytics: Statistics, Time-Series Forecasting, Optimization, Data Visualization