Navy Pharmacy Process Optimization

Industry Focus

DoD (US Navy)

Military Healthcare

Patient-Centered Customer Service


How should each Navy Pharmacy allocate its service windows (Intake, Prescription Dispensing) to provide the best results for its customers?  The US Navy is interested in finding a better way to service its customers by reducing the amount of time each customer has to wait in line, reduce risk of customers having to abandon, and make the maximum use of its servicing resources.


JDSAT developed a simulation model of standard Navy Pharmacy processes and use it to dynamically optimize the number of windows to be open for different services.  The model solves for optimal and near-optimal solutions using genetic algorithms, all programmed in free, open-source software requiring no additional cost to the government.

Business Values

Process Modeling

Modeling & Simulation Engineering


ROI Levers

Improve patient satisfaction and experience

Maximize effective use of pharmacy resources


While this project is on-going, it is very likely that meeting service target rates will drastically improve with implementation of this modeling capability.  Currently, Navy Pharmacies service about 25-30% of its customers in under 30-minutes.  Initial results for the new simulation solver suggests the Navy will see service target rates rise to around 60-65%.

JDSAT Competencies

Technologies: Implemented in Python (free, open-source software)

Analytics: Statistics, Time-Series Forecasting, Simulation, Optimization