Marine Corps Data Collection Strategy

Industry Focus

DoD (US Marine Corps)



US Marine Corps fears it may be losing its highest-performing Marines. In order to understand what to do about it, the Marine Corps sought pursued a 9-month study to determine what information it currently has, what data it should collect, and how it should collect this data. In short, the Marine Corps sought a data collection strategy aimed at helping it retain its best Marines.


JDSAT provided analytic-based project leadership to conduct deep dive analysis to understand the full manpower landscape.  JDSAT identified an analytic road map, identified key measures, reconciled these measures with existing data to reveal gaps, and then developed survey questions and recommendations designed to close these gaps.

Business Values

Strategy and Road Mapping

Performance Metrics

Survey Design & Analysis

ROI Levers

More effectively target market to its retention population

Increase impact of survey questions (more info, less effort)


JDSAT helped deliver a data collection strategy, survey instrument, and far-reaching recommendations based on an analytic, data-driven way forward.  This included changing how the Marine Corps manages its data and a comprehensive survey program to track Marines over time, so a data trail can be established to enable predictive modeling of who is likely to leave the Marine Corps.

JDSAT Competencies

Leadership: Organized and led analytic team

Management: Balanced interests of numerous, competing parties

Modeling: Process analysis